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Brand Story

SIGELEI - The Advanced Electronic Cigarette Device Leader
For most people, the Sigelei name is foreign and it is not a household name. In the vape industry, however, Sigelei's name is very well-known and when vapers hear Sigelei, they associate the name with durability, reliability, and style. Sigelei is recognized the world over for accomplishments in the realm of vaping

Sigelei advertised a pioneering device, the intelligent box mod. The T150 was born! The T150 was promoted on Facebook and Instagram, and it reached 50,000 viewers, a huge number in our nascent industry.Vapers all over the world reacted with astonishment at the cutting-edge styling, and remarkable features and exclaimed "please, take my money!" No other words can express how impressive and beloved Sigelei's T150 mod has become.

What an excellent company made this marvellous product gaining so much popularity !!

1. SIGELEI Roaring Across the Horizon

Many people may not know that it is Chinese who firstly invented the electronic cigarettes. When it appeared,it was soon regarded as the potential rival of the whole traditional tobacco industry. Combining with the concept of environmental protection and health,it ended the monopoly  position of traditional tobacco which was an important step and a landmark event.

Since electronic cigarettes are getting widely accepted and recognized around the world, more and more companies are becoming members of electronic cigarettes production and SIGELEI is one of them. Comparing with other companies, SIGELEI made great breakthroughs on electronic cigarettes technology which led SIGELEI to the leader of the electronic cigarettes industry as well as the trends of times.

SIGELEI was born in 2011. It was a summer afternoon in Zhangmutou, Dongguan, Mr. Ou Junbiao was thinking about the name of company. At that very moment, it was as if the heavens were delighted. He then looked into the sky and heard 4 consecutive thunderous roars. After that, it rained heavily. "The name 'Si Ge Lei' is derived from East Asian heritage. When translated from Chinese to English, it means: “4 Thunders”. This was the reason why Mr. Ou Junbiao's named his company SIGELEI. A divine inspiration will be always hinted to those who harbored an ambition.

When all electronic cigarette companies were still immersed in the same pattern of production and manufacturing of ordinary electronic cigarettes, Mr. Ou was keen to get a glimpse of seeking innovative living solutions in the trends.

2.From a small factory to the industry leader.

(I)A small step makes a good beginning

The first electronic cigarette product that Sigelei released is S618.Sigelei S618 continued the style design of Ego,adding the LCD and lamplet on the mod.The LCD can display voltage,battery power,smoking port number and duration.It is the first time that Mr. Ou tries to produce unique E-cig.Although it is just a pilot-start,it becomes the base of each new product innovation.

In early 2012,Sigelei released the new product V8.It is different from traditional E-cig,V8 changed the impression of traditional cuboid E-cig,so people called the V8 "The most unlike the electronic cigarette".In other word,V8 is the first breakthrough products with plastic shell in the electronic cigarette industry.V8 is very popular at that time,it is the base of Sigelei development in the electronic cigarette industry.Thereafter,each of the new Sigelei products is designed and innovated with great care by R & D team.For example,Zmax and Legend have opened a new big E-cig area.The big E-cig refers to the diameter which has reached 22 mm,the most important thing is that they can reach unprecedented 10W-15W power.The OLED of Zmax will display Logo "Sigelei" after turning on the mod,which is the history time that the screen display logo Sigelei,it released the first signal that Sigelei enters the world.

In the early 2013,on the electronic cigarette market with fierce competition,Sigelei released the first box mod——Sigelei Mini in the true sense,it is enough to be regarded as a milestone symbol in the Sigelei development process .Nobody can imagine the box mod that can reach so big power before Sigelei Mini released.Since then,mechanical mod gradually decreases,electronic cigarettes step into the area of high-power box mod.Then Sigelei 50W、Sigelei 100W、Sigelei 100W Plus、Sigelei 150W are released successively,the above box mods make Sigelei go farther and farther on this emerging Avenue.Sigelei 100W,Sigelei 150W are very popular in the majority of European and American markets,it reached a new height on global sales . In front of one electronic cigarette store in Los Angels,the local people lined up a long team,they snapped up the new arrival 20pcs of Sigelei 150W that day,Showing the product itself a strong charm and attractiveness.

High-power box mod not only obtained the great love of the market at that time,but also attracted the other electronic cigarette companies competing to emulate.

3.Gain worldwide fame and success overnight

As SIGELEI MINI sells hot in USA, Junbiao Ou made up his mind to fly to America in 2014 by himself and had spent a long time doing market research. He deeply realized that Fashion & Individual Pursuit is the everlasting topic of American smokers. So he firmly leaded his R&D department to produce increasing power box mods, especially the distinct "SIGELEI 150W". It's beyond everyone's imagination as "150w" is definitely the power limit at that time.

In fact,in terms of the industrial design and hardware configuration,SIGELEI 150W for electronic cigarettes market at that time was definitely supreme,and the body of SIGELEI 150W adopted aluminum alloy and electroplating technology so that its hand feeling and workmanship can be called excellence.It stood the top of technology of electronic cigarettes industry again for SIGELEI as the representative product.It is the year-2014 that under the joint of GMC High Quality Manufacturers League and Global Markets Group,the first Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Association recognized and approved by government was set up(Now it is combined with Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Industry Association). And Junbiao Ou was taken up the post ofthe Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Association president.

In May,2015.SIGELEI launched the first temperature control box mod,SIGELEI 75W TC.Then,150W TC was followed it. and it adopted zinc alloy case and matte oil technology,its style was in accord with the feature of ergonomics.Combining with the design of heating protection temperature control body,it reached a unprecedented position of accurately controlling the coil temperature and adjusting e-juice taste,and gave consumers a perfect usage experience.The 150W TC undoubtedly was one of the SIGELEI classic work.After this,SIGELEI launched temperature mods continuously,like MINI BOOK、SIGELEI UFO、90W PLUS、SPARK90W and so on,all are popular among most of Europe and Americavapers.Now,as the publish of T150,it will reach a new high position again for the innovation of electronic cigarette industry.

4.Don't forget the beginning dream and it will finally succeed.

2016 marks the fifth year of Sigelei's establishment.

From S16 to T150, it takes five years for Sigelei to develop into a big brand in the electronic cigarette area, which was just a small factory with less than 20 workers in the beginning. Ou Junbiao, the founder, was deeply touched when he got back to the memory in America. He said, "the electronic cigarette from China doesn't enjoy a high reputation in American market. They only accept the electronic cigarette of their own and from Philipines, though Chinese electronic cigarette is much cheaper. "  As the quality of electronic cigarette is patchy in the market, Mr Ou decided to build up a Chinese brand to impress America and the world.

Now Sigelei electronic cigarette has been exported to many area, such as America, GB, France,Canada, Australia, Netherland and Southeast area. As long as people see the sign of "Sigelei", a thumb up will be given without hesitation. Sigelei is really a reliable brand with good quality. The appearance of Sigelei has changed the terminal market pattern of electronic cigarette home and abroad and make more people's life wonderful.

Recently, Ou has been invited to attend the CCTV program"Chinese businessman talking about thier business theory", discussing the effect of technology innovation on economic development with Yu Shengchun, the famous host. In the program,he expressed his hope that he wanted to make of electronic cigarette a new fashionable consumer goods.Recent years, Sigelei has been promoting its own innovative products and at the same time, it has built up many after-sales service centers abroad and implemented comprehensive sales mode of offline store,specialty store, franchisee, online Jingdong mall, Tianmao, wechat business in internal market. All these have showed Sigelei's further strategy to exploit markets both home and abroad.From the beginning to today, Sigelei has always focused on creating the most fashionable, the best quality and the most valuable products for customers, which is what Sigelei always puts first than other  electronic cigarette brands. We believe Sigelei will get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh and come to a new peak in the future electronic cigarette field.